Why Us

It takes a lifetime to build a reputation, and only moments to destroy it – AB Consultancy strives to uphold best in class practices, and is ever more sensitive to requirements in conducting business with multi-national companies. As such, we are a transparent, reputable, and trustworthy counterpart well versed in conducting business in accordance with generally acceptable business practices.

Building a three pillared structure based on our management, global partners and senior advisors allows AB Consultancy to be local, and global, simultaneously.

As a consulting firm, our managing partners, coupled with our global solution partners, provide for a truly holistic offering.

Each manager, partner and advisor, brings years of dedicated work and experience in their relative fields – and as such, AB Consultancy itself becomes an elite yet available entity for the benefit of its clients.

Competitive advantage stems from expertise in one field – as AB Consultancy we disagree, and claim that offering a roster of multi-disciplinary experts, allocated to clients’ needs is more beneficial in building a long lasting relationship and ultimately leads to a more beneficial outcome.

In this new virtual world, heavy entities are no longer welcome – the new norm is lightness and flexibility. Our firm is limited in management, and prefers staffing each project with solution providers on a case by case basis – as such, we offer better service, both in terms of pricing, and in terms of allocated know-how. Clients can therefore enjoy having access to seasoned professionals catered to their needs, without having to pay for the rest of an institutions running costs.